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Why EMW Hosting?

Our Story

EMW Partner was founded by group of staffs working as engineers and sales in IT with 1 common vision.  Why can’t we work with customers based on their needs and not oversell?  Why are sales always pushing clients to add more when they don’t need to?

In nutshell, we are a group of engineers and sales not happy with pushing customers to overpay for their services.

Our goal is to deliver what is needed without fluff or hype.  Plain and simple hosting is our goal.

Thousands of domains already!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we all left our jobs on the same day.  We didn’t advertise, we didn’t post on public forums, we didn’t share much and were excepting 0 (yes, that is ZERO) sales for first 3 months.  However, some friends and customers of our founders chose to stay with our team, not the company brand or name.

The reason?  They followed our beliefs.  To provide simple, yet customizable solutions based on client needs, not by sales quota.

So if you don’t know us, why choose us?

We are not your typical hosting company.  We provide customized solutions based on your needs.  Whether you need a web server or load balanced website with failover system, we will work with you to prepare a custom package with lowest cost available.